Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A simple language learning resource

I stumbled across this - not exactly sure how or why. I would sooo love something like this for Japanese*.

It's wonderfully simple: each blog post is written in an accessible way, tagged as to what element of language is the key point and a short quiz to test comprehension is appended.

The quiz doesn't feedback to an LMS; the results aren't in-depth, but the user/learner gets some quick and easy practice of reading, a chance to flex their knowledge and some basic feedback to judge their performance. MCQs and cloze are used.

Not complicated for learners to use or for the provider to set up, and perfectly usable in mobile format (or if not, could be made to be quite easily).

This particular system is Drupal but I'm looking for something similar now for Wordpress**

Learn English Blog from English Language Centres (curiously abbreviated to EC!?)

Useful. Wonderful.

* That's your queue to tell me about one.
** Ditto.

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