Monday, October 03, 2011

Compliance in health estates training

I was required to speak to a group of estates managers at a recent training event organised by IHEEM, the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estates Management, on the topic of compliance. Naturally enough, we fielded a presentation on just how that topic applied to training. I've never stuck anything on Slideshare before, but thought I'd give it a try.

Let me warn you now: unless you are in health estates management, and ideally unless you were actually there, this won't be very interesting or all that meaningful.

UPDATE: Having used Slideshare now I can report it is every bit as easy as one might expect uploading a presentation to the Internet might be. Ridiculously so.


Craig Taylor said...

Hi Dan,

Well done on your first SS upload.

Take the time to check out the slide cast functionality as it allows you to sync an mp3 upload with your slide transitions - that way you can stick with the use of visuals as opposed to bullet points without the context being lost (as it is contained within your audio) and of course now that SS has dumped Flash and displays in HTML5 it opens up a whooooooole new list of possibilities.

Dan said...

Thanks Craig. It's a pretty dry account. Not quite the way I would have approached the subject but it was someone else's talk and I was filling for them on a clashed commitment. The audience wanted the slides on screen and my PDF wasn't good enough - and I don't think it's appropriate to distribute .ppt files any more than you would distribute the manuscript of a book over the book itself. I need to get my previous talks at eLN and Ignite up there really. They are more interesting.