Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Testing a new method of access

I spend a lot of time drafting posts in my head but rather less time writing them down. So now I'm seeing if it's bearable trying to post from my phone.
It's a HTC Sensation which runs Android 2.3, so it has the wipe text input - you simply run your finger across the screen touching each key in turn, without lifting, creating a snail-like trail that loops and twists. Android then gives you its best guess as to what you were after. It's of course Blogger nowhere near as fast as touch typing, but it is a whole lot quicker than stabbing out each letter like normal. You wouldn't want to write a novel like this, but a couple of hundred reflective words on something you've seen or done is quite fair.
Which changes the game somewhat, as instead of reading the paper or catching up on the Twitter when snatching a quiet coffee or beer, I can now get round to jotting down those thoughts, which for me right now means thinking about becoming a school governor, a change in my focus at work, what accreditation means for learners, mobile learning for difficult to reach learner groups and a lot more.
Twitter is great for learning and getting exposed to new things, but to close the loop you need the kind of space a blog excels at. Viva la RSS!