Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Failed by VISA

Just when I thought the "Verified by VISA" experience couldn't get any worse, the usually reliable eBuyer manages to pull off a real doozy:

See the problem?


After a moment's consideration I tried hitting tab and thankfully it scrolled the frame you can't see and skipped to the next, unseen box. I'm not entirely sure this was the envisaged user experience at First Direct or eBuyer. I'm not convinced that it wasn't what VISA were intending though as the whole VbV nightmare has form...

For example, this screen follows the incredible workflow where it asks for your DoB in DDMMYY format and in the very next box asks for your card's expiry date in MMYYYY format* - two date related questions; both require six characters; right next to each other. It's going to catch some people out. It's a small thing but plays like a sleight of hand card trick in my book.

My great concern is that the whole experience behaves at all times for all the world like a scam site designed to con users like my parents (concealing this activity inside a frame on what could be any website looks and feels like early 00s online scams).

For more like this try this search: "verified by visa sucks". I like most that it even has its own fb group.

(If anyone at eBuyer sees this, I carried out the transaction in FF5.0 if that explains what happened )
* okay, may be the other way round, but it's certainly two consecutive boxes.