Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fresh Look at Learning Design by Patrick Dunn

Following the usual twisted thread of discovery I stumbled upon an interesting video by Patrick Dunn of a webinar that I suspect I had intended to join, but missed. Not having a stumbleupon account, and in the spirit of blog-based sharing I have rekindled recently, here it is for your delectation.

"A fresh look at Instructional Design" - eLN webinar presentation from patrick dunn on Vimeo.

Good old Vimeo. Far better than other video sites I could mention.

I really like in this:
  1. Patrick points out that ADDIE is appropriate in some contexts. A more nuanced approach than some. Reflects realities of the job.
  2. The formal approach favoured in the States is not the same as is the predominant model here (UK). I had my suspicions that the term "instructional design" had regional differences.
  3. The "experience, not content" model reminds me of Cathy Moore's action mapping approach, but focused on behavioural change. A nice counterpoint.
  4. I like the idea of throwing the spec away and just speaking to learners first. In all my paid time as an ID I was never invited to do this - or costed the time to be able to. I'd argue for it now mind you. 
  5. The before/now slide early on is good too.

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