Sunday, February 28, 2010

Set fazer to Ignite

On Friday I put together a quick talk for our new intake foundation degree students. I put together about 90 minutes worth of material in a morning. Easy. Nothing special there.

Since then I have been hard at work, once again, on my talk for Ignite London this week. Couched in modern parlance - O. M. G.

Who would have thought that thinking of 5 minutes' worth of material would be sooo damn difficult?

When I went to Ignite London last year I immediately thought of a topic on which I wanted to speak - dying towns. From various resouces I wanted to piece something together about Japan, the North West of England, Detroit, Russia and fill it with great photos that I've seen on my tours of the Interweb - sadly I don't have much in the way of primary source material.This was a doozy though, and I had a rough idea of where I wanted to take it.

What with the pressure of organising Ignite Bristol this week too, and a whole bunch of things going on at work. I decided at the last moment to change to something that, theoretically at least, should be a lot easier - something L&D related.

I called up Craig on the Ignite London team and gave my reasons and he was very shilled about it - do whatever was his reply. He had a stab at summing up my point in this entry which is probably the source of some of my resulting concern.

I mean, seriously - check out some of those other talks! They sound great. And that list doesn't include the two "star" speakers. What's more, my cousin's near namesake, Tristan Roddis*, sounds like he is going to do something not a million miles away from the photo show I was thinking of, so there's no backing up.

So I'm now terrified of how this is going to go. And I'm prevaricating even by writing this damn post.

So far, my talk looks like it'll take in: sleep, checklists, exercise, spaced repetition, gaming/competition. Allowing for about a minute on each, that is far more than I can fit in, but do you think I can get this down on slide format? Can I hell! If you can think of anything that I could add on this topic, or a great way to spin any of the points I'm making, please drop me a line...

* both Tristans live in Brighton too - what are the chances?**
** yeah, I know, not as low as I think they are.