Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 Things I love about my Android

Last October I signed up for an HTC Magic with Vodafone. It's been one of the best tech decisions of my life.

There are still many folks out there who doubt the case for mobile learning, simply not sure how it can be done. These are probably folks who don't have a smartphone, because once you do it's instantly apparent how it can be done. I know this process because it's what happened to me.

But this post isn't about that so much, I'll save that for after Learning Technologies when there will doubtless be much more to say. Instead, here a some reasons why I love my Android:

1. THINKING SPACE a neat, very usable mindmapping app which can export my ideas for reuse elsewhere

2. TWIDROID PRO I probably read my Twitter accounts more on my phone than by any other method. It's the perfect way to fill a spare 5 minutes. It makes easy work of managing multiple accounts too - I have @danroddy and @IgniteBristol.

3. GMAIL you have to have an account to make the phone work. I did, but didn't really use it. What was I thinking? And the mobile experience with it is great.

4. BEACON if you use 37signals' Basecamp at all, this is the app for you. Sync, follow messages and comments, check To-do lists, review milestones. Easy, great.

5. ASTRID a powerful to do list organiser that embeds with Google Calendar and has a great way of reminding you.

6. NOTE EVERYTHING from the Ronseal school of product naming, this was the first app I paid for. The persistent list tool is brilliant - there are real serious applications for this idea as mobile performance support. I use this for my project context lists.

7. BLOGLINES a neat Blogger app for mobile blogging. I'm using it now. Not too shabby.

Okay, so that was more than 5, and I could add others yet (I've said nothing about having usable search in my pocket or gps enabled mapping), so let's leave it there and say it's a draw, eh?

Actually, looking at what I've described here, I'm struck by the similarity between what I've written and the whole 'personal learning environment' discussion we participated in a few years back. I have turned my phone in to a mobile PLE - that's a real powerful tool, right? 

So, how does your smartphone experience change up the way you work?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Excuse me

I've been a bit busy lately, putting together Ignite Bristol. It's all set for 4 March now, and we're sold out already! But that's not really the point of this post - this really just to test a blogging app on my Magic. Excuse me.