Monday, September 07, 2009

Flash - when and where?

The cleverest part of this site's page is that it embeds an Articulate interaction directly on the page. Not thought of that before, but I can think of instances when that may be quite appealing.

However, I'm struggling to see why you would want to do this. Sure, it moves nicely enough and has pretty colours, and it 'chunks' thing up a bit. However, taking the content out of the HTML around it and embedding it in Flash means placing on it a couple of constraints:
  • you can't resize the text
  • you need to use a scroll bar to see all the text for a single entry
  • the learner can't cut and paste the content for their own use easily
This seems like an imposition of a gratuitous interaction where the learner's 'reward' for interacting with it is simply to batter them with more text. Perhaps if the entries were thinned out and had audio (beyond the irritating mouseover click sounds) appended I could see a point.

Surely this kind of thing would instead make more sense just being flat on the wiki page, or am I being unreasonable? Missing a crucial learning element that it brings?

These kinds of things are the missing part of my non-education in ID...

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