Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What passes for work

I've just abandoned a post in which I wondered if it was time to ditch the 'e' in elearning. I was prompted to think about this as it is the question I have submitted to present to Eliot Masie when he speaks to an e-Learning Network seminar this week.

When you've got a term that encompasses Articulate authored text 'n next packages to online synchronous webinars to emmersive multi-player simulation environments to videoed lectures on YouTube to Ning social networks, it strikes me that you are working with a term that has lost any specificity and thus any real meaning.

I have been thinking about this as I have been trying to get back round to blogging a little more often after getting distracted by Twitter (@danroddy if you fancy it) but I'm struggling as a) I'm fairly busy and b) not sure what to write about at the moment as I am all over the shop. Tasks include:
  • developing and managing a new Moodle VLE for attendees of our ILT courses (codey stuff, admin and process mapping)
  • supporting and improving the learning experience of students on our foundation degree (nominally for elearning, but right now fundamental stuff like spelling, format and comprensibility)
  • creating a series of short learning objects for guided learning hours for our NVQ candidates (actual elearning in the sense I am accustomed to)
  • introducing and championing online working enviroments, Sharepoint and Basecamp
  • creating quick video how-tos for any of the above
  • recording and editing podcasts
  • creating videos for use in on-site training courses where access to units is limited
  • creating feedback systems (for trainers, not happy sheets for students) for the ILT events
  • bit of ppt coaching

And all this comes about as a result of my 'elearning' experience.

So there you have it - no real point to this post except to try and catalogue the diversity I face really more for my benefit than anything else. Sorry.

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