Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Do you have a blogging policy?"

Just got back from another interview, but this was the first one where I asked "Do you have a blogging policy?"

I'm hardly a high profile blogger - there's only you that reads it - but nonetheless, a couple of the people I've spoken to recently have indicated that they are aware of my online activity. Perhaps because I am the top ranked "danroddy" (in categories as diverse as 'frisbies owned', 'slices of toast consumed annually' and 'Google rank') this should be expected.

But in this interview we were getting down to the nitty-gritty (me? Healthcare insurance? After the last lot they'd be spoiling me!) and it occured to me, since they seemed like the kinda folks who would allow me to develop rather than squash the life out of me, that while I'm there I may feel I have something to say to people. And this is where I would say it.

Their response was; if it helps you and you don't give away any secrets, and don't do it in company time, then that would be okay. And that's a good result I think.

Leaving aside then the issue of whether I get the job, what's your place of work like? Do they know you blog? Are they happy to have you train yourself with the words of others? Would they be less obliging than the guys I spoke to today? Do they think it's some novel diversion but not relevant to them in anyway?