Thursday, January 22, 2009

Training Specialist - one of the 30 best careers for 2009?

Just spotted this interesting article on the US News website - bit late as they posted this before Christmas, but better late than never.

They list their choices for the 30 best careers for 2009 and amongst those on offer (3 others: usability expert, firefighter, clergy) you'll find Curriculum/Training specialist. This vague categorisation seems to take in the job spec of just about anyone in the EduBlogosphere, but then we're a flexible bunch.

The list itself is quite interesting as they have tried to be objective and give their criteria for our consideration. They also give their selection of over-rated careers (two examples: teacher, architect) and sleeper careers for the future - most interesting of which is simulation developer, which is one that some of us would see as falling under our current description of training specialist.


Rodolpho Arruda said...

Good news for all of us into training/curriculum development.

Dan said...

Isn't it?

Actually, I've been speaking to a number of people in the UK market the last couple of weeks and things are still reasonably robust in terms of business. And this (Courtesy of @bschelker) adds to the positivity.

Nice headcam on that biking vid by the way - not you I wonder?