Thursday, May 15, 2008

Enter the Grand Learning Renewal Project

Google have announced that they are swinging behind the social revolution with Google Friend Connect, creating APIs to enable any site to incorporate features usually associated with the likes of MySpace, Bebo and Facebook. Here's the Beeb on subject.

This should mean that the task of renovating our existing learning ghettos - the soulless, dank, lonely homepages of most LMSs - should become a whole lot easier.

Places of learning should not resemble the online equivalent of the East End of London, circa 1970, or the Detroit of countless straight-to-what-was-once-video -but-is-now-more-likely-to-be- DVDs - that's to say empty places where all you will hear is the echo of your own mouse click.

No, if we want people to learn, or more importantly if we want them to want to learn we need to create hospitable places where they get the sense that there are other people around doing what they're doing. Learning.

Vive la revolution sociale!

On a more balanced note, Brent Schenkler has a great post that tries to combat the erroneous binary opposition that it's social networking OR face to face.

Image by detroitderek on flicker

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