Monday, March 10, 2008

At last: AICC and SCORM elucidated!

When I crossed the fence from elearning organiser to instructional designer, I half expected to be indoctrinated in to my new world, perhaps with a funny ceremony in a darkened room, or a the very least with a FAQ of top elearning bepuzzlements and an explanation of what LMSs did.

I never got my first wish, and blogging was what took care of the second, but sadly it's taken nearly two years to get the solution to the last issue. RoboNekp, or perhaps more likely, Rob on NKP, has published this comparison of the two main standards, SCORM and AICC, which finally clarifies a couple of points that I've wondered about.

If only the introduction to SCORM in the ADL documentation was as clear, or that the tiresome series I read last year in one of the print journals that laboured the idea that SCORM was internet dating for lonely hearts learning (or something) had simply never been written...