Thursday, January 03, 2008

New year - new tongue?

Got a NYR to learn a language? It wouldn't happen to be Spanish, would it? If so, I have the thing for you.

JapanesePod 101, my favourite Learning 2.0 opportunity (even if the LMS behind it could do with some work), have now extended to other languages, Spanish and, given that they are based in Japan this is useful, English. They are offering extended free trials to anyone who has signed up to J-Pod, and to anyone they know.

In the holiday spirit of giving and exchanging
gifts, I'm going to give YOU, and ANYONE YOU
would like to INTRODUCE, a 30-DAY FREE
TRIAL of all our Premium features on both the new and
I ask for no money in return, just a subscription
through iTunes and if you have the time, a review
on iTunes of what you think (and please be nice).
Again, it is our community that makes such a special place to learn,
and we think and will be just as special for students
of Spanish and English.

To subscribe to our podcast and post a review
simply follow the links below and click the "subscribe"
button on iTunes. iTunes Store iTunes Store

To get your 30-Day Free Trial and to test drive
all of our Premium features, simply sign up for a
7-Day Free Trial using the links below and you'll
automatically be upgraded to 30 days: Registration Page Registration Page

Please be sure to share this with anyone who you
think may be interested.
I can endorse the approach of J-Pod and if they are extending the same model to these two offerings it can only be good. Give it a go!
Oh yeah, happy new year by the way.

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