Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Been caught napping

I've become something of the "rapid" specialist of late.

We have managed to show a client that for their needs rapid development tools like Articulate are what they need to be able to produce quick turnarounds on material that is mostly about presentation (product training) and liable to last minute changes (their industry constantly shifts).

The lightbulb moment has been particularly gratifying since I have thought that they would be better off like this for some time. I'm not a big fan of page turning elearning (who is?) but I'm even less a fan of taking up time to produce page-turning elearning when tools like Articulate and PointeCast allow reasonable results in comparatively little time.

I have subsequently been drafted in to produce other product training type elearning for some other clients of the same salesperson, so pleased have the first clients been with the results. As a result I am getting more and more familiar with the tools and finding ever more interesting things you can do (the Articulate demo piece where it is possible to edit a wiki in a window in a course is quite neat - interesting to see if our developers would match that as easily!)

Yesterday I chatted through what was possible with my new boss. He was impressed by what he saw. Tools like this have until now passed him by (it's not really anything his clients have asked him for). I think pretty quickly understood the challenge that faces companies like us in maintaining value in our bespoke development when off-the-shelf products like those I'm using can give such results for so little labour.
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