Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OpenOffice Impress - a rapid tool?

The open source movement supports pretty much all we have to offer. It is entirely possible to create blogs, wikis, elearning courseware and even LMSs for free.

To design your projects you can replace Adobe with a range of sophisticated desktop apps such as GIMP, Nvu/Kompozer, Inkscape, Audacity and so on. If you aren't entirely ready to leap on line for your documentation handling courtesy of the likes of Google Docs, you have one very powerful option, OpenOffice.

I've just noticed that OpenOffice Impress, the counterpart to the well used 'authoring tool' PowerPoint, has the option to output to Flash directly. has anyone used that feature? How easily can this be "SCORMed"? Anyone tried that?

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ezsurfer said...

Have you tried this yet? Seems like it should work.