Sunday, April 15, 2007

Personal Learning - Corporate Environment

So far at work I've managed to avoid mentioning the TLA "PLE", mostly to avoid the blank stares and potential ostracism. However, the blogs often come back to the subject and this description, by Michelle at Bamboo Project is about the best description of how it works I've found.

For me, the most important technological component in all this is RSS, really simple syndication, the bit that makes the blogs work and what feeds my Google homepage - the start of my own PLE.

While in a really great meeting at a client this week where someone from one part of the business challenged someone from another part to come up with some new approaches it became apparent that what was wanted was a variety of presentations of the same material so learners could choose their method of learning: podcasts, video, micro-training - anything but another page-turner.

The problem was that to use the LMS to distribute all these different versions of the same thing would be a mess. I suggested RSS allowing learners to pick and choose the subject areas or formats they prefer - it fell on deaf ears - if it can't be tracked and reported on in the LMS they weren't so interested.

Does anyone out there know of an instance of RSS making it in to the L&D strategy for a large corporation? I'd love to know so I could help these guys get the solution that suits them best, and examples of people like them getting the learning right would really help.

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