Monday, April 30, 2007

Cheating Rocks!

I have a small boy who is just entering the education system at the moment. The schooling he is getting seems comfortingly familiar but then he's only four - things at this end of the learning scale have changed much in, well, centuries (for those that got it at least): a bit of painting, holding pencils, building blocks and jugs of sand or water. Playing Rocks, right?

Like all parents I wonder about the quality of the education he'll receive, whether the school will be well funded and the other pupils a help or a hindrance - unlike most in the UK I get worried about moving him into a foreign system and whether one or the other would be better (if China was the alternative, that might well be the conclusion). The last thing I need to be worrying about is whether the fundamental approach to his education is right.

Karl Kapp has a great article here that shows just how out of date school thinking is becoming. The skills taught in schools (passing exams) are not those skills that people need to succeed today.

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