Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Aha! #2 Practicing what we preach

For me, the revelations are far from over. The elearning bloggers are all very much walking the walking the walk.

Hot on the heels of the eLearning Guild event in Boston, indeed as a result of a meeting there, Clive Shepherd has kicked off an interesting experiment in collaborative working - the elearning SME 30 minute masters.

So far it has been a few tentative tweaks to Clive's original effort - I suspect most people are cautious about wading in and doing anything that may seem to contradict the the very point of the course. I've thrown one comment in and am contemplating opening up some more pages to start populating ideas for content, but I haven't just yet...

However, in having this team of elearning professionals come together in this way, it is in the spirit of Tom Haskins article here about educators practising what they preach and the absurdity of the notion of a formal qualification in informal learning.

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