Sunday, February 11, 2007

TED talks a lot of sense

There are those that equate the classroom lecture with the lowest form of learning. I beg to differ.

There is something special about seeing an expert in their field stand up and speak on a subject that is important to them that transcends all other forms of learning. You can connect with the passion that they feel for a subject and get a genuine sense for what it is that excites them. This goes far beyond the fairly simplistic "push" of knowledge that people offer by way of critique of lectures.

Instead, the feelings of excitement and involvement that an expert brings to a subject inspires you to "pull" out the messages they carry.

The TEDTalks website offers a view and opportunity to learn from people at the very head of their field. An annual gathering of 1000 of the world's top thinkers, at $4400 a seat, the TEDTalks are probably the greatest gathering of brilliance in the world. One day I might dream of being able to attend (it's an invitation only affair so I need to start networking now...) but in the meantime I will follow the speakers on the website.

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