Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Reliable sources

Following on from the points I made in my last post about Will's quiz and the need to have verifiable data to back up our theories, I have to mention another site I found, Infed.

Unlike Wikipedia, great though it is, this is a small site that has a finite number of admin/contributors. The style of the articles is thus far more individual and human and without the waffle that the old NPOV tends to engender. I can't remember what I was looking up - cyclical learning or something like that - but what I found at this site was neat, scholarly summation of facts on key elements of informal learning.

More than that, it's a beautiful, elegant site. Simple, text-based and very fast to use, it is a nice example of the kind of resource that I wish I could find time to use more often. Even the images they use are a bonus. I'm a little surprised to see that it dates as far back as '95, so I'm sorry that I've taken this long to find it.

If I had a single criticism it is that is not the easiest place to find a way to browse - the front page is so clean, with only the barest minimum of links that you need really to have something in mind to look for as grabbing topics of the shelf isn't as easy as, say, Wikipedia...

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