Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh God - the bit of my job I like and it's a dead end!

I have to admit, I'm in the middle of the possibly the worst week of my life. I'm mean really, it's been, well, dreadful. As one of my clients, for whom everything seemed to be going wrong, put it "it's not like anyone died," but frankly it's not much consolation.

The fact is, I hate project management. I love ID. Unfortunately for me, in my organisation the IDs do the PM. So I have half a job I love and half a job I loath. Nevermind.

So to come to my Google homepage, follow a couple of links (this one, and then this one) and then read Brent Schlenker saying this:

DIY is killing ISD

...is to discover that the bit I like is, well, if not laid out cold on a slab, at least lying bleeding in the gutter clutching a mortal wound. Bugger. That ruined my evening. Or at least it might have done if not for the comment a few lines lower on that entry.

Well, it would have ruined my evening if not for the fact I realised that ID is going to suffer a glorious, hammy strung out "luvvey" death complete with multiple last gasps and dying speeches. What we in the elearning blogosphere (they're in where the air is thick - out here it's a bit difficult to breathe - I feel faint...) can easily forget is that the percentage of learners who can penetrate the technology to go fully DIY is still very thin. And for all the spectacular growth in blogs, wiki, 'casting, blah... there are still huge numbers of people for whom learning is a gross imposition on their time, or the idea of actually consciously making an effort to find something out with a computer is crazy talk.

And for them, I'm patiently waiting with a cleverly designed little something to help them see the light.

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bschlenker said...

Sorry to ruin your evening. You're right though. The changes I seek will not be common place for quite some time. There are many people still willing to be led blindly by others and doing as they're told...do this, do that, go get training, etc. And as long as companies still pay for it we are all sittin' pretty making some coin crankin' out the Captivate movies sippin' a cold pint.
Cheer up, mate! Many years of good livin' ahead ;-)