Sunday, February 11, 2007

Herd learning - I'm a sheep

I don't mind admitting it. I saw a really good article on Donald Clarke's blog about how he'd been looking at on-line video as a great learning resource. I was still heartily banging on about the wonders of Wikipedia to anyone that would listen (actually, I still am).

Mysteriously, within days other British based learning technologist blogs were also miraculously singing the praises of YouTube learning. I noticed this apparent synergy because so many of these blogs appear side by side on my Google homepage reader.

So off I went and followed Donald's lead. And blow me if he wasn't damn right. I already shouted out his main link, TED Talks, as a great source, but this one is more partisan. I don't mind saying that I like this one as it looks at the big questions of the day - questions far bigger than elearning anyway. Check out Meaning of Live TV. Oh, for the record, the interviewer, Robert Wright, is a speaker at TED and I found this site via his entry on, yep, Wikipedia.

I have been learning a lot this weekend, but the main thing is that, if I didn't have a wife who loves TV, there would be no need for a TV in this house. Not with this stuff out there for free.

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Helen Nicol said...

There must be something in the water...only yesterday I was having an enthusiastic rant about video and learning

Thanks for the links...