Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Free Stuff - and it's about learning too

At our company we have been aware of the movement that is Moodle. Quite a worry when you are developing an LMS (not really as ours is really impressive). If you've not heard of it, a) you don't use the net much do you, or you're reading the wrong site, or b) you work for PeopleSoft or SAP.

However, free software, as I've often said to people in the IT department, is good because it doesn't cost very much - important when said IT dept (outsourced naturally) is likely to slap a bill on installing anything that will be equal, if not greater, than the cost of buying the shrink-wrapped commercial offering in the first place.

So imagine my delight at unearthing this little treasure trove, courtesy of one Jane Hart.

I'm heartened to see it includes the excellent Wink, something I have used in the past (I sent an IT request to the IT goons, just to follow procedure, and they offered to check and install one copy of Wink (cost = nada, zip, zilch) on my machine for 350GBP - I'd been using it for a month, not a glitch. Go figure. Then get frustrated when you realise I worked in the civil service and that was 350GBP of honest taxpayers' money...)

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