Thursday, December 21, 2006


I recently met up with old colleagues who are carrying on the elearning project I left to take up my current position. Nearly nine months later, they've just had internet access (a fundamental pre-requisite) rolled out to a proportion of their staff (on the sly, no less). This was the same internet access that was imminent for six months prior to my departure and the delay of which was an aggravating factor in my decision to leave.

At the same time, another organisation I deal with as a ID struggles because, although they are in the comparatively enriched position of having an LMS, the content we can produce is limited by their tools, the hosting arrangement and the fact that things like Flash are off limits.

Technology based learning is something that all organisations should be able to benefit from, but for a variety of reasons, organisations big and small (but usually in the public sector in my experience) are left out.

The solution is to look at existing tools and see how we can make more of them. This article about game based learning via email is ingenious. The coin the term "guerilla elearning" which is something I'm disappointed hasn't caught on.

It's sharing ideas like this that could end up making a profound difference to people's working lives. Now you've only got to figure out a way to get those emailophobes to engage with you...

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