Friday, December 22, 2006

A course for us!

If you browse the elearning blogosphere you won't have missed the Open University's decision to offer up content for free. There's the best explanation of what they are trying to achieve here.

Okay, so everyone has already waxed lyrical about what a great thing this is, but what does it mean for me personally? Well, there's no Japanese unfortunately, but never mind, I have enough of that to be going on with. What was far more exciting in fact, as there seems to be very little content out there on the process of developing learning compared to the keystrokes spent theorizing about learning, is the realisation that there is an entire course there that could be very useful to one wanting to get some real background to how to design the look and feel of learning.

This course on Designing the User Interface could well be valuable. I'll have a look at it over the Winterval break and report back (if is as good as it sounds).

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